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KEPcam Maritime Video Surveillance Systems

Professional-grade video surveillance equipment is vital to ensuring the security of your cargo and the safety of your crew. The KEPcam video monitoring, recording and control system now offers you a secure, remote view of individual or multiple vessels, over wide area networks including satellite and cellular.


KEPcam's rugged, marine-grade enclosure, weather-resistant cameras and mounting options, tamper-proof software with date and time stamping, and the ability to remotely monitor shipboard activity can help you be sure your fleet is always under watch.  

Monitor and Control Video of Your Fleet from Your Base Station with KEPcam!


Features include:

  • Remote control and management of all cameras
  • Locally encrypted video recording
  • Simultaneous support for analog and high resolution IP cameras
  • Single screen central command to control and visualize multiple locations
  • Multi-user access management
  • Remote WebView and remote operator/administrator software
  • Control of IO devices based on events, such as lights or siren turned on or off
  • Recording and synchronization of audio with video
  • Email and text notification of events

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